Become A Member

Sustaining Membership ( $550 annually )

Sustaining level membership is for a COMPANY MEMBERSHIP open to major property owners and major businesses in the PGA Corridor.  Membership includes one designated representative plus 3 additional members under the company or business name.  Members will receive invitations to programs and special members events.  Sustaining Members are eligible to become a member of the Board of Directors, and sponsor events. 

Sustaining Membership in the PGA Corridor Association is limited to (i) owners of major commercial properties, major businesses, and developer of commercial, residential and mixed use development, all within the PGA Corridor, or (ii) other businesses or individuals by invitation of the Board of Directors.  All applications for membership will be considered for approval by the Board of Directors.

Associate Membership is available to individuals upon approval of Board,  please contact us if interested.


Application Process

  1. Download and complete the .PDF membership application.

  2. Email your completed application to

  3. We will be in contact to inform you of your acceptance status within 4 weeks.

  4. You will be asked to submit membership dues upon acceptance into association.